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What's New

Awards program open for aquatic projects


Western Wood Preservers Institute is looking to celebrate the innovative uses of preservative-treated wood products in aquatic projects with the 2016 Preserved Wood in Aquatic Uses Awards program. Eligible projects include docks, port facilities, piers, bridges and others where preserved wood is used in or around water. The top 10 qualified entries will receive a wooden model of the Lady Washington. Check out the submission requirements and download an entry form.

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Guide aids in converting old specs to new

Check out the newest PreserveTech technical sheet that will update old specifications to the most up-to-date standards. The sheet converts the old Commodity or C-Standards to the current AWPA Use Categories and Commodity specifications. It includes a simple table to convert old specs to the Use Category system and provides references to the previous C-Standards.

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Calculate spans for preserved wood joists


Finding the proper span for preserved wood joists in decks and other structural applications is easy with the new Deck Joist Span Calculator. The Excel-based calculator determines spans for 2-inch Western preserved wood from 4 inches to 14 inches in width under common loads. It can also adjusts the spans for incised wood, as required in building codes. The calculator was created in cooperation with Western Wood Products Assn., which maintains span tables and other design information on Western lumber species.

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SDSs available for preservatives

Safety data sheets, or SDSs, for wood preservatives can be downloaded or requested from the new Find SDS section. The new sheets, required by OSHA regulations, replace the Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) and must be provided to downstream users to communicate information on the hazards of the chemicals in the preservatives.

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Wood coatings research updated

An 24-month report on research on the performance of wood coatings is now available. The research conducted by Oregon State University compares the performance of coatings such as BluWood, TimberSil and Eco Red Shield compared to pressure-treated wood in protecting the wood against termites and decay fungi.

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Corps removes treated wood ban

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has settled a lawsuit brought by the preserved wood industry and has agreed to allow the use of preserved wood over and near waters or wetlands.

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Preserved Wood to go

There are many questions when it comes to selecting the right treated wood product. Have the answers right in your hand with the newly revised Treated Wood Guide app, available for free on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Available for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets
  • Get detailed information on wood preservatives used today
  • Review national AWPA standards for treated wood and what products are suited for specific uses
  • Explore common questions about treated wood

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