Preserved Wood can be used in a variety of ways. Learn how you can use treated wood in your residential, commercial, and aquatic outdoor projects.

How To

Working with Preserved Wood

Working with preserved wood requires some additional considerations that will ensure a long service life. Explore the recommended fasteners and hardware that should be used with preserved wood, requirements for treating cuts and holes, specifying with Best Management Practices and proper handling and disposal of preserved wood products.

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Fasteners and Preserved Wood Read about the fasteners and hardware recommended for use with preserved wood that will provide for long service life.
Field Treating Wood Preserved wood is typically cut and drilled during construction. Learn how to properly field treat preserved wood to protect it from fungal decay and termites and meet code requirements.
Best Management Practices for Preserved Wood Specify preserve wood products for sensitive environments with Best Management Practices. These recognized guidelines cover the production and installation of preserved wood and were developed through a consensus process based on the core philosophy of chemical minimization.
How to Handle Preserved Wood Learn how to safely handle and dispose of preserved wood. Review the regulations that guide disposal of preserved wood in landfills.