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Preserved Wood Resources

There are a host of technical resources available on preserved wood. These include basic information about products and preservatives, tools and guidance for using preserved wood in aquatic and sensitive environments, a free Treated Wood Guide app, and frequently asked questions about preserved wood.

Use the links on the left side of this page or click on the photos and links below to access these resources.

Smartphone App The Treated Wood Guide app is available as a free download for Android, Apple and Windows smartphones and tablets. Learn more about this exclusive app and follow the links to the respective app stores to download and have information on preserved wood products wherever you go.
Preserved Wood Technical Library Explore the online Preserved Wood Technical Library, a comprehensive collection of information on preserved wood products. All titles are available as free PDF downloads as well as other software tools for assessing the environmental risks associated with using preserved wood.
Tech Resources Review the common questions about preserved wood and its uses in a special Frequently Asked Questions section. Get answers to the most popular questions on preserved wood.
Industry L\inks Seek additional preserved wood information available on the web with the Industry Links section. It features a compilation of organizations and companies involved in the preserved wood industry.