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The Story of Preserved Wood

The story about preserved wood is one that features a rich tradition of extending the service life of wood products from years to decades. The process of treating wood products with preservative enhances its longevity while at the same time maintains the wood's environmental and structural benefits. Learn more about how preserved wood is made, the preservatives used, how to specify based on Use Categories and the many environmental benefits of preserved wood vs. alternative materials.

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How It's Made Read about how preserved wood is made and view the entire process that infuses preservatives into the wood fiber so it can withstand the challenging conditions where it is used.
Preserved Wood Story Explore all of the preservatives used today, from the waterborne preservatives used in wood destined for residential projects to the oil-type preservatives found in materials designed for commercial, industrial and aquatic uses.
Preserved Wood Story 3 Learn how to properly specify preserved wood products using the nationally recognized Use Categories which define the amount of preservatives necessary to provide the proper protection for specific exposure.
Preserved Wood info See how to immediately identify quality preserved wood products by looking for the CheckMark Quality indicator on the end label. Understand what this mark indicates as to the performance of your preserved wood.
Environmental Benefits Examine the extensive, peer reviewed data detailing the many environmental benefits of preserved wood vs. alternative materials such as steel, concrete and plastic composites.