Versatility of Preserved Wood

The uses of preserved wood in construction are as varied as the products available. From wood decks to utility poles to marine pilings, preservative-treated wood is used throughout the country where protection from the effects of the elements, decay and insects are needed.

For more than a century, preserved wood products have played an essential role in the economic prosperity and quality of life in North America. Preserved wood is a present, but often unnoticed part of everyday commerce, from the rail ties that carry the trains to the poles supporting our electrical and utility services to the bridges and docks on our waterways to the outdoor living spaces we create for recreation.

Use the links on the left side of this page or click on the photos and links below to review how preserved wood is used and the many products created to provide decades of service life.

Residential Wood Explore how preserved wood is used in residential construction, from the borate-treated sill plates supporting homes to the wood decks and outdoor recreation spaces we create with these safe, durable and easy-to-use products.
Commercial Wood Preservative Review the many commercial and industrial uses of preserved wood products, which are designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. See how preserved wood is used to construct bridges, highway guard rails, retaining walls and commercial structures.
Marine Wood Preservatives See how the industry has developed tools to assist in using preserved wood in sensitive environments and aquatic areas. Learn how docks, piers, marine pilings, bridges and other structures near or in water can be designed and constructed with minimal impact to the environment.
Preserved Utility Poles Understand how utility poles are an essential part of the North American electrical and utilities system. Discover the proven performance of these critical structures and the amazing benefits they provide.
Fire Retardant Wood Preservatives Take a look at fire retardant treated wood and how it is used in residential and commercial construction to protect spaces against fire.