Profiled Decking

Profiled Decking


Introducing Profiled Decking

The newest innovation in preserved wood outdoor products

The future of preserved wood decking is in the groove!

PD dimsEnjoy the lasting durability of preserved wood with Profiled Decking, featuring a grooved surface that minimizes splits and cracks while enhancing the natural, rich look of real wood.

Each decking board is shaped with specially designed grooves to keep splits and checks to a minimum1. Grooves are cut on both sides of the board, making it easy to select the look you want.

PD deckNaturally sustainable

Unlike stamped plastic decking that pretends it’s wood, Profiled Decking is made from sustainably harvested timber. And it’s far better for the environment compared to plastic composites2.

Infused with preservatives, real wood Profiled Decking provides long-lasting durability that can stand up to heat, rain and snow.

Rugged, good looking

Profiled Decking reflects the warmth of natural wood while readily accepting stains and finishes. In wet conditions, the decking offers a sure walking surface that is easy to clean and maintain. And it won’t burn bare feet when the sun is out.

Specify Profiled Decking for your next project and get into the groove with the new generation of real, long-lasting preserved wood!

1 Reducing the surface checking of deck-boards, Kenny Cheng, University of British Columbia, 2015.

2 Life Cycle Assessment of treated wood decking vs. wood plastic composite, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2011.

Why Preserved Wood Profiled Decking?


   Real wood, not plastic 'fake grain' decking  
   Uniform look with natural characteristics  
   Long lasting, lower cost than composites  
   Easy to handle, install and finish  
   Sustainable, environmentally safe  
   Perfect for professionals and DIYers