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The materials listed below were previously published and distributed by WWPI. Some of the information listed in these publications may be superceded by documents found in the main Technical Library. WWPI provides these as historical documents and the information shown in these titles should be reviewed against the more current information that may be available. Please review the Disclaimer concerning this information.


Products & Preservatives
Consumer Information Sheets

PDF    Consumer Sheet - CCA 09/85
PDF     Consumer Sheet - Creosote 09/85
PDF     Consumer Sheet - Penta 08/87


PDF    EPA Studies - CCA Sealant 05/05
PDF     Examples of Products Treated With CCA as of Dec. 31, 2003 09/04
PDF     EPA Guidance on Interpretation of Revised CCA Label 06/04


PDF     Penta Label Training 02/11

Coatings & Sealers

PDF     Coatings to Minimize Leaching from Treated Wood 09/11
PDF     Sealers for Treated Wood 06/03
PDF     Water Repellents for Wood 01/99


PDF     Treated Wood Proves More Cost Efficient 05/03
PDF     Economic Evaluation of Treated Wood vs. Alternatives 05/03

Product Alerts

PDF     How to Recognize Treated Posts and Poles 05/03
PDF     Alert - Cherry Tone Timbers
PDF     Alert - Deck Safety
PDF     Alert - Treat to Refusal
PDF     Alert - Pole Barn Construction
PDF     Moisture Damage in Homes

Design & Specification

PDF     Wood Handbook - U.S. Forest Product Lab 04/10
PDF     Wood Handbook - Chap. 15 Wood Preservation 04/10

Guidance Documents

PDF     Slopes IV - NMFS Opinion on Fish 02/08
PDF     Slopes III - NOAA Opinion on Fish 11/04
PDF     USDA Guide to Minimizing Effects of Treated Wood 02/01
PDF     Canadian Guidelines to Protect Fish and Fish Habitat 01/00
PDF     Wash. Code - Construction of Freshwater Docks 01/00
PDF     Wash. MOU on Treated Wood in Aquatic Areas 08/95

Wood Pilings

PDF     Alert - Use of Salvaged Pilings

Assesments, Case Histories

PDF     Creosote Release from Cut Piles 06/11
PDF     Creosote Timbers in Alaska 11/09
PDF     Creosote Posts - 50 Years After 01/08
PDF     Treated Wood Use in San Francisco Bay 06/04
PDF     PAH Migration from Creosote Railway Ties 06/04
PDF     Creosote Evaluation, Sooke Basin, Vancouver Island 12/98
PDF     Addendum, Creosote Evaluation, Sooke Basin 05/01
PDF     Impact of Treated Wood in Wetland Boardwalk 02/00
PDF     Assessment of Treated Timber Bridges 09/00
PDF     Treated Wood: Win-Win Situation
PDF     Choosing Treated Wood Saves $58,000
PDF     Case Study: Hatfield Marine Science Center

Preservatives and Aquatics

PDF     Best Management Practices Manual - 2012 edition 12/12
PDF     Leaching and Toxicity of CCA Products 03/12
PDF     Penta Aquatic Fate and Effects 05/07
PDF     Affects of Disolved Copper on Salmon, Aquatic Areas 12/04
PDF     Environment Response to ACZA Structures in the Northwest 01/04
PDF     Environment Response to Creosote Structures in Puget Sound 12/03
PDF     Risk Assessment for CCA-C, ACZA Treated Wood 04/03
PDF     Wash. Ferries Distroying Habitat With Creosote Removal 02/03
PDF     Creosote Pilings: Perception vs. Reality
PDF     Literature Review, Risk Assessment - ACZA + Addendum 01/07
PDF     Literature Review, Risk Assessment - CN 02/03
PDF     Literature Review, Risk Assessment - ACQ 12/01
PDF     Literature Review, Risk Assessment - Penta 02/98
PDF     Literature Review, Risk Assessment - Lotic 09/95
PDF     Literature Review, Risk Assessment - Creosote 04/95

Fire Retardants

PDF     Focus on Fire Retardant Treated Wood 12/05
PDF     Fire Tests for Fire Retardant Treated Wood 12/05

Disposal - California

PDF     Treated Wood Disposal in California: What You Need to Know 07/17
PDF     California SB 909 - Wood Waste Disposal 08/11
PDF     Summary - California Landfill Leachate Study 04/11
PDF     Full Report - California Landfill Leachate Study 04/11
PDF     California Water Resources Bd. - Landfills Accepting Wood Waste 05/07
PDF     Letter to California Landfill Owners 06/05
PDF     News Release - Treated Wood Disposal in California 11/04
PDF     Notice for California Retailers 11/04
PDF     California AB 1353 - Wood Waste Disposal 09/04
PDF     Release- 2004 California Landfill Leachate Study 04/04
PDF     Summary - 2004 California Landfill Leachate Study 04/04
PDF     Full Report - 2004 California Landfill Leachate Study 04/04
PDF     Disposal Cost for Treated Wood as Hazardous Waste 07/03
PDF     Table, Disposal Costs 07/03
PDF     Analysis: Disposal Cost for Treated Wood as Hazardous Waste 03/03
PDF     California EPA Study on Treated Wood Waste 01/96